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Past Comments

From new writers to credited writers and producers, to people working in other parts of the film industry, and with ages varying from 15 to 72, one thing remains constant. Workshop participants give rave reviews.

We include this page because we're proud of it. Real people with real names have given us real permission to publish their thoughts about our workshops. We attribute our overwhelmingly positive feedback to our goal of exceeding your expectations.

Here's a small sampling of what some have said...

"Jeff, you're a great communicator -- you've made it all easy to understand.  [The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] was fantastic!  All the info -- I felt like I was ripping you off!  You've kicked me into gear, and got me excited about locking myself in a small room with a computer, and not looking at internet porn!   I really enjoyed the workshop -- it covered everything I wanted to know, and more.  I'll be recommending everyone."

- Mark Hine
Mark & Jo in the Morning, 96.1 FM
Sydney NSW

" was a pleasure!"
"I found the workshop to be incredibly practical and empowering in a short space of time. Jeff is a congenial, non-judgemental dynamo! Builds confidence in us all. He has the ability to hone in on my problems and override them. It wasn't a sacrifice to give up my weekend to do this -- it was a pleasure! I've learned a new approach to writing. I enjoyed it thoroughly."

- Amanda Marginson
Red Hill QLD

"...didn't have a clue..."
"I've read books, done a filmmaking degree at uni, and still didn't have a clue about how to write a script. Now, not only am I inspired to write, but I have the building blocks at my disposal. Along with the enormous checklist Jeff hands out.  [The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] is brilliant! Jeff, you've filled my every expectation and pushed me to get writing. That's a hell of a task."

- David Hawkins
Bilgola Plateau NSW

"...great communicator..."
"I'm not sure why Jeff is not a major screen or TV actor -- Great communicator! He absolutely understands the business, as well as people. I didn't know what to expect, but the [Essential Screenwriting Workshop] was exactly as I had hoped. There's NOTHING I didn't like about this workshop, and believe me, I am a cynical prick. If I can pick holes, I'll pick 'em deep. Unfortunately, there were none. Jeff's communication and people skills are exquisite -- By the end of the second day, motivation and self-belief were bouncing off the walls."

- Greg Osborne
North Adelaide SA
(flew to Sydney for the weekend workshop)

"...even better than I expected..."
"[The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] was even better than what I expected. I am very interested in this workshop being attended by as many writers as possible. If you want to be a writer, this workshop is a must attend! Jeff is a very empowering person, and this information is invaluable. Definitely worth the price."

- Angela Faria
Producer, Wagtail Productions
Ashgrove QLD

"...thorough and dynamic..."
"It's always inspiring to share in someone's passion -- [Jeff is]a natural teacher. I can't see why you couldn't charge [a lot more] for [the Essential Screenwriting] Workshop. Not a minute is wasted in a thorough and dynamic presentation that really hits home."

- Adam Merrett
Artarmon NSW

"...unique marriage of art and marketability..."
"I was really blown away when I saw the website. Unique marriage of art/creativity and marketability. I haven't seen this philosophy in the industry before to this extent. I was expecting [the Essential Screenwriting Workshop] to be good, and it was better than I thought. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge -- really knew film inside out. This course will whip you into shape. If you need help to get off your arse and write that screenplay, this course will give you the tools and motivation."

- [Name withheld by request]
Lane Cove NSW

"I think it is wonderful that you pass on such knowledge. You're enthusiastic, encouraging, and obviously love your craft. Only just hope you don't have too many courses, or there will be thousands of good screenwriters to compete with! Thank-you very much! I thought it was brilliant! I'd recommend the [Essential Screenwriting] Workshop -- Definitely, Definitely, Definitely!"

- Leanne Breeuwsma
Mermaid Beach QLD

"...very informative and empowering..."
"Jeff knows his stuff, and can impart it easily, confidently and clearly. The [Essential Screenwriting Workshop] is very informative and empowering. Probably worth more for its value. Everyone who considers themselves a writer should take this course. Quickly!"

- Colin Oddy
Producer, Oddyssey Films
Woolloongabba QLD

"...even better than I expected..."
"I loved it. It was better than expected as theinformation is practical, and will be able tobe used in the future. [Jeff,] you are a great teacher who comes off as a peer trying to help. I trust you and your information, which I was not expecting. [The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] rocked! Thank-you."

- Alison-Jane Wehl
Adelaide SA

"...a great workshop..."
"I had paid more for short courses and gotten much less out of them. This is a great workshop. I really enjoyed it. Luckly, it was pretty much what I was expecting (this is a compliment, as I've been disappointed in other short courses before). I most liked the practical, hands-on approach. Jeff gives a very smooth delivery. He kept my attention for almost 2 whole days!"

- Gwen Teasdale
Waterloo NSW

"...passionate... ...inspiring..."
"It has opened my eyes to writing/producing a movie and created in me a desire to get a point across through the medium. Jeff is open and willing to share all aspects [of the business], positive and negative. He's informative, relaxed, and obviously passionate. The [Essential Screenwriting] Workshop is inspiring! Thank you!"

- Wal van der Vlugt
Sunshine Coast QLD

"...absolutely wonderful..."
"It was great! Heaps of fun! I've always wanted to write but never knew how to do it properly. Jeff was absolutely wonderful! Very good at what he does. I highly recommend doing [the Essential Screenwriting Workshop]. It was well-taught and very relaxed. Didn't feel uncomfortable and judged. It taught me so much!"

- Sharelle Woodyatt
Tugun QLD

"...entertaining and informed..."
"[The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] has taught meso much!  Jeff is very entertaining and informed.  Great delivery and very patient.   This workshop has given me inspiration.  I think it's a great way to enter the world of screenwriting.  I recommend it!"

- Brodie Lane
Potts Point NSW

"...a good motivator..."
"Great workshop.  I did enjoy it.   Better than expected.  I thought [The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] might be a bit dodgy, but it turned out to be a great value.  Jeff is a good teacher, very energetic.  A good motivator.  Really looking forward to the eight-week workshop now..."

- Carly Hamilton
Alexandria NSW

"...puts in the fuel..."
"[The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] was great, a great start. An energetic teacher that is doing it, and really motivated to get us doing it.  The easiest way to get your synopsis is lock yourself in a room with 12 other people and a guide and do it.  This workshop is like the rocket launch pad -- Jeff puts in the fuel, and presses your button."

- Michael Castleman
McMahons Point NSW

"...makes you think deeper..."
"It was fun. Wasn't dry and technically boring. Itmakes you think deeper about your characters and made you ask yourself valuable questions to improve your story. Makes you enthused to get started, with quite a few laughs along the way. I'd definitely recommend it."

- Glenda Conlan
Palm Beach QLD

"...has given me direction and confidence..."
"Everything was explained simply. Jeff wasencouraging and pointed out possible problems in a positive way. I really enjoyed it. I've experienced many of the 'barriers' to writing, and the [Essential] Screenwriting Workshop has given me direction and confidence."

- Ali Gibbs
Arana Hills QLD

"...very practical..."
"I've read four or five screenwriting books, and learnt more in just the first two hours of the [Essential] Screenwriting Workshop alone. I enjoyed it. Very practical. It really flowed. I would tell someone considering this workshop to DO IT. Absolutely."

- Geoff Gibbons
Labrador QLD

"...this was my first step..."
"I came from a 'general interest' angle, and am still exploring the whole idea of doing a screenplay,The [Essential] Screenwriting Workshop was my first step. I'd probably pay more for this workshop, now that I know how much I got out of it. It was extremely good - I learnt an amazing amount. I'd tell anyone considering it - Do it!"

- Ann Pollock
East Brisbane QLD

"...gave my screenplay legs..."
"Jeff is an engaging teacher who appears to have the necessary skills of an entertainment evangelist. The workshop is a brilliant forray into the simple mechanics that will assure a novice writer a chance, and an insight into producing a commercially viable, rewarding, high standard screenplay."

- Jodie Molloy
(flew to Melbourne from) Auckland NZ

"...he will help the writer in you..."
"Writing a script takes time - your time - and that is precious. So don't waste your time writing a script that will fail. You need to know how it's done. We all have a good story to tell, so see Jeff, and he will help the writer in you. I loved it! It is a must before writing a screenplay."

- Aaron MacKenzie
Runaway Bay QLD

"Loved it!"
"The [Essential] Screenwriting Workshopwas great! Loved it! Jeff will take you to the well. He'll show you the way. He'll make sure you have the right tools. He'll give you drive. It will make everything a lot clearer by the end."

- Jason Seear
Gold Coast QLD

"...a real eye-opener..."
"The [Essential] Screenwriting Workshop is great for anyone who knows nothing about screenplays. The amount of information you learn is an eye-opener. Jeff made it easy for us to be comfortable, but still remaining serious enough for us to learn. He was great. He really taught me a lot about what NOT to include. Thanks, Jeff! You're the greatest!"

- Carley Hall
Ashmore QLD

"...filled in a lot of blanks..."
"I enjoyed it immensely. It filled in a lot of blanks I was missing. If you're thinking about taking the first steps to becoming a screenwriter, by all means take this course [the Essential Screenwriting Workshop]. Thanks for coming to the Gold Coast, Jeff!"

- Stephen French
Labrador QLD

"...very insightful..."
"The [Essential] Screenwriting Workshop is very insightful. Jeff is friendly and willing to help. You might get a flat ass from sitting so long, but at least you learn enough to feel confident and jump straight in. I wish it went longer."

- Mandi Houghton
Broadbeach Waters QLD

"...blew away my concepts..."
"The [Essential Screenwriting] Workshop was considerably more than what I expected. It was comprehensive, informative, realistic and workable.  It's full-on, and it blew away my concepts."

- Kris Anderson
Daisy Hill QLD

"...captivating and entertaining..."
"[The Essential Screenwriting Workshop] is extremely informative and motivating. It's presented in a captivating and entertaining way. Jeff teaches well and imparts knowledge with authority. If you do this workshop, you will enjoy yourself."

- Susanna Bonaretti
Sans Souci NSW

This is a small and somewhat random sampling from over 700 individual participants.

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