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The Team

Hi, I'm Jeff Bollow, and I created and built the SCREENPLAY Development Centre,

Through my company, Embryo Films, I began offering screenwriting workshops in early 2000 because I couldn't find any feature screenplays worthy of the time and energy it would take to produce them.

Over the next six years, I went on to offer more and more workshops, and then screenwriting software and then an evaluation service, script consultations, a coverage service, a seminar series, and a whole list of other things to help screenwriters create scripts we could actually get produced in Australia...

At one point, we had a team of eight people and regular and ongoing offerings. But as I was always focused on getting films produced, it became a little too much to handle, and in April 2006, I decided to scale everything back again, and return to my core focus: getting film and TV projects produced.

My team is continually growing, shifting and changing, as team members get involved in new film projects and new adventures -- just as I hope you will.

I hope you find value in this website, and get writing! Screenwriters are needed now more than ever...

About Jeff

Jeff Bollow
Founder & Managing Director
Instructor & Coach

Jeff Bollow is an award-winning filmmaker (2007 ATOM Award-winner Making Fantastic Short Films, and IFC New Filmmaker Award-winner "The Duel", among others), best-selling author (Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed and Apple Training Series: iLife 08), film festival organizer (New Zealand's Big Mountain Short Film Festival), and internationally renowned public speaker ("Making Movies Outside Hollywood", "FAST Screenwriting").

In addition to being the author and designer of FAST Screenplay, Jeff has directed theatre (Five Women Wearing the Same Dress at PGT), television ("Pacific Beat St" for TVNZ), and has several feature film projects in development as writer, director or producer. Jeff has been involved professionally in every aspect of the film industry for 25 years, starting first as an actor in his home town of Los Angeles (Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, "Ann Jillian", Lost Valley, Pink Lightning, "Columbo"), before embracing film production and the creative side of it all. He has performed nearly every job on a film production, for companies such as Universal Studios, Castle Rock, Concorde/New Horizons, Propaganda Films, DNA, Twin Towers, and the Oxygen Network. He has directed television in New Zealand ("Pacific Beat Street" for TV3), has taught acting at The Actors Pulse in Sydney, and has taught screenwriting to over 1,000 adult students in four countries. Thanks to his passionate teaching style and hands-on grasp of the entire process of independent feature film production, Jeff has been invited to speak at film festivals, universities and for private groups in five countries, and has worked as a producer/script development consultant for professional and government organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. He is also currently working on his newest book, Phenomenal. His ambition is to build an independent film studio which makes multiple films each year.

Additional Team Members
The team members of the SCREENPLAY Development Centre continue to grow, build, and shift, and have included additional instructors, coaches, volunteers and mentors. If you're a credited, professional screenwriter with a passion for screenwriting, and you like what we're building, contact Jeff at to find out how you can get involved.


Jeff Bollow

Want to become part of the Team? That's great! Because we can always use some help!

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