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Our Promise

We promise to help, and to do our very best to encourage you, and to always steer you in the right direction.

We guarantee our services unconditionally.

Naturally, we can't promise you'll sell your work, or that you'll even write a screenplay -- we won't write it for you -- that's something you gotta do!

What we will promise, though, (and what we guarantee) is that our workshops will be of exceptional quality and value -- worth every cent. If you're dissatisfied with any workshop, simply let us know, and we'll refund your money.

We also promise that any software products we offer will be fully functional. Naturally, we can't refund the software if you don't like it -- that's what the demos are for! Use them, try them before you buy! However, if you happen to get a disc that's damaged, we'll happily and promptly replace it.

We promise that our mentors will provide exceptional guidance and helpful service, in a friendly and cordial manner. We can't promise you'll like everything they say (they won't stroke you -- it wouldn't do you any good!), or even that their help will guarantee a sale for you (no one can guarantee that, and if they did, they'd be lying). But we promise that if you have any problems or disappointments with a mentor whatsoever, we'll make amends, assign a new mentor, or work with you to find a satisfactory result.

Any services we perform, we stand behind 100%.

Look, we want you to be happy. If you're happy, you'll refer us and help us grow (which allows us to offer more services to you!).

We also want you to sell your work. Because that would be more valuable than even our promise, wouldn't you agree?






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