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About Our Pricing

Jeff's philosophy, and the philosophy upon which the SCREENPLAY Development Centre is built is this: "We don't earn our living off writers... we earn our living off audiences!"

See, we respect the writer, and that respect is at the core of our philosophy. So, when we ask expert, professional writers (or producers or directors) to teach, to mentor, to help and encourage -- we believe they should be paid for their time.

Additionally, we need to cover overheads, administration and promotional costs, if the system is to continue to be viable.

So we set the cost of each product or service at the lowest possible price to the writer. In fact, in most cases, the cost to the writer is only slightly over our cost. And in almost all cases, the cost is a fraction of its real value to you.


No subsidy

It's important to note, also, that in order to maintain complete independence and autonomy, to provide the best in objective education, critique and service, we do not and will not seek governmental subsidy assistance. In fact, we're proudly not "sponsored by" anyone.

This leaves our continuation and ultimate success to be determined by market dynamics -- by you. If we provide the service you want at the best possible price, you'll continue to use our services.

We want you to succeed. Because your success helps us, and our success helps you!






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