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Contact Us

We can be reached via email at: (General & Sales) (Job Inquiries Only)

NOTE: Do not send any attachments to these email addresses. Plaintext emails only. Emails with attachments are automatically deleted. (We have a separate unpublished email address for emails with attachments -- please enquire.)

We no longer accept communication via post:

Embryo Films'
PO Box 300
Artarmon NSW 1570

We can be reached via telephone at:

(02) 8011 3533 within Australia
+61 2 8011 3533 outside Australia

We can be reached via fax at:

(02) 8915 1533 within Australia
+61 2 8915 1533 outside Australia

NOTE: Do not fax any of the following without clearing it with us first: Loglines, Synopses, Outlines, Screenplays, Queries, Letters, CVs, Resumes, Job Inquiries or Sales Pitches. Fax only Order Forms, Enrolment Forms, Purchase Orders, or School Identification. When it doubt, email first. Thank you for your understanding.






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