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"Word Menu is an indispensable tool for writers, students, business professionals, crossword puzzle fanatics, and anyone who just plain loves words. More versatile than a thesaurus, it can help you find that elusive word on the tip of your tongue or figure out a more creative way to say something you've already said a dozen times before. "

- Consumer Guide Magazine

What it does:
Word Menu is a simple to use reference program that helps you find words quickly and effectively.

Imagine a dictionary or a thesaurus. You'd use Word Menu in a similar way -- but where dictionary simply defines words, and a thesaurus provides synonyms, Word Menu groups words according to their relational meaning.

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Word Menu
Acclaimed Reference Tool
Dramatica Pro Dramatica Pro

This program should be on every writer's computer, along with their dictionary and thesaurus. Stephen Glazier’s acclaimed revolutionary reference tool organizes words by subject matter—the way we understand and use them.

Word Menu is the ultimate fun-to-use reference for finding and using words. For anyone who wants to understand and discuss a subject with confidence and authority!

And it's perfect for:

  • Creative writers
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Learners of English
  • Business communications
  • Crossword aficionados
  • Browsers and language lovers

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A Quick Look

Word Menu will help you find new words to use, .

Anyone truly serious about any creative writing should take a serious look at Word Menu. Here's a quick rundown of some of the features:

Browse Word Menu easily by clicking on topics and subtopics. Every topic leads you to more subtopics and eventually the appropriate word lists.
The Split Results View has two scrollable panes, which show a list of words on the top, and the words plus definitions on the bottom.
Use Word Menu's sophisticated search feature to locate words, categories, topics, definitions, related material—just about anything you can think of.
Are you more visually oriented? Use Word Menu's fractal browser to traverse the topics and find the words in which you're interested.

More than a Dictionary -- Better than a Thesaurus!

Not just lists of words, but definitions!

Reverse Dictionary – find words by meaning or related words

A Treasury of Glossaries, with nearly 800 divisions and more than 80,000 entries

An Almanac, with entries for world holidays, sports terms, science and more

Arranges words in a logical, categorized structure

Elegant user interface provides faster word access than Internet searches

Automatic web updating of Word Menu database--always have the latest word!

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System Requirements:

Win 98/ME/2000/NT/XP
20 MB of Hard Drive space for installation; 64 MB of Hard Drive space for operation

Power Mac G3, G4 or G5 with 128 MB of physical RAM
20 MB of Hard Disk space
OS X 10.1 or greater; 10.2 or greater recommended


Naturally -- like everything we do at the SCREENPLAY Development Centre -- we're bringing this incredible tool to you at a fraction of it's retail price. At just $79 (plus GST if applicable), it's a bargain.

Whether you're a screenwriter, a novelist, or a first-time writer, you'll fall in love with this reference tool the minute you try it! Get your copy today! Order now!

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"Word Menu: A language feast in a fast-food age"
Few of us ever will command words on a par with such greats as James Joyce, TS Eliot or Tom Wolfe, but with a PC and an amazing software package called Word Menu, our diction can soar to new heights.

- Chicago Tribune

Let me send up a loud and long cheer over the sheer brilliance of Word Menu. It's a thing of beauty. I almost swooned over the fractal browser. I don't know whose incredible melding of left and right brain thinking is responsible for it, but he or she (or you) deserves a standing ovation. Thanks again for your help and for a fantastic product.
- Barbara Bretton
At Last and Maybe This Time

...Rather than acting as just a standard dictionary and thesaurus, Word Menu lets you dig deep in an unfamiliar field and learn its terms. For students especially, this is a super speedy way to get caught up on jargon that populates fields like economics and social sciences...
- Elizabeth Millard
Language Lab
Computer User Magazine

As magazine editors we are constantly searching for better word choices in articles. Word Menu is an easy-to-use, intuitive program that makes our jobs easier. We use it almost every day and it never lets us down!
- Shelly Mellott and Andrew Schneider
scr(i)pt magazine

I hope that the excitement that I have for this program comes through. I absolutely love it. The program is exceedingly easy to navigate and there is one more very cool tool. It has a "Vocabulary Pad" where you can accumulate words to create your own quick reference.
- Rich Whiteside

For anyone who works with words, the electronic version of Word Menu...can swiftly become as much a necessity as a good dictionary and thesaurus.
- John Mello


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