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"Usually, I don't buy into the software developers' self-aggrandizing hype; but it turns out they are Go to Screenwriter 2000 Go to Dramatica Pro StoryView being modest. For writers, this program rocks!"

— scr(i)pt magazine
March/April 2001


** Now available only as Download-Only software. **

What it does:
StoryView allows you to create a visual timeline, allowing you to design a well-paced story, and track character changes, subplots, themes, etc., and see how they play over time.

In all seriousness, this has got to be one of the best programs for writers we've ever come across. It's a remarkable new visual outlining tool, and its power and flexibility are awesome.

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The Remarkable New Visual Outlining Tool
Dramatica Pro Dramatica Pro

StoryView is the only program of its kind anywhere. We've been searching for a program like this for years, and are very excited to see it, and proud to offer it.

The human mind grasps information most quickly when it's laid out visually. With StoryView, you can finally plan and map out your story using a visual timeline, which will instantly show you where your story needs work, and jog your brain for ways to fix it and make it stronger.

Novice writers tend to jump right in and start typing furiously on their "screenplay". Professional writers, on the other hand, plan and map out their stories, because to write a powerful and well-told story, you need to know how all the elements work together and play off one another.

We used to do it with index cards, hand-drawn sketches and graphs and multi-coloured highlighters. And it was always sloppy and disorganised. With StoryView, there's finally a better way.

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A Quick Look

StoryView lets you see your story play out over time. A visual timeline is the best way to map out your story! Track, edit, change and re-assemble any element in your story, from characters to theme to subplots and more! Here's a quick rundown of some of the features:

Once you start taking your writing seriously, you realise the need for a way to visually plan your stories. StoryView is the first and only program that does it! StoryView is such a unique and creative program, it's actually been granted a patent! (US Patent No. 6,544,294)
See How All the Pieces Fit Together
StoryView is the only writing tool that lets you create the elements of your story and arrange them on a timeline. You see what pieces make up your story, as well as how much time (movies, TV, events) or how many pages (novels, other stories) each piece occupies. Zoom back for a full panorama of your entire story and "see the forest for the trees," or zoom in to focus on the smallest detail.

Take spontaneous ideas and place them at any point in your story's timeline - even if you don't know what comes before or after that piece! You add the building blocks of your story in any order and immediately see any gaps!

Limitless Space for Your Big Ideas
StoryView lets you create virtual index cards that contain unlimited text. Create items that range from a few words up to hundreds of pages. Story elements are easily manipulated and rearranged, regardless of their length.
Track Important Aspects of Your Story
Visually track almost any kind of information in your story, such as character and thematic development, plot twists-virtually any throughline or element. StoryView can even search your writing for specific keywords and make connections automatically as you write!

Click a button and StoryView displays only those portions of your story that are connected to selected tracks. You instantly see where specific characters or concepts appear in your story. It's the ultimate way to get an overview of your writing!

Outline Window—New in StoryView 2.0!
Version 2.0 introduces an entirely new way to compose and view your story: The Outline window. The Outline window provides a familiar word processor interface which lets you work with text in a familiar vertical (top-to-bottom) manner, similar to other outliners. Writing in the Outline window is easy! You can create and edit events, promote or demote them (change their indent in the outline), move them around the outline, and selectively hide or show portions of the outline. Get to know the basic features and you’ll be an outlining pro.
Print an Impressive Map of Your Story
StoryView lets you print an impressive map of your story. You decide how many pieces of paper you want your story to fit on-from a single sheet to several sheets, depicting the timeline of your entire story. You can even print your story's timeline on a large, continuous sheet of paper using a large format printer (usually available at larger copy centers). StoryView also prints standard reports that show the text of your story in outline or standard text form.
Visualize and Outline Using any Structuring Method
StoryView's hierarchies let you organize your story from the broadest strokes down to the smallest detail. You can visualize structure using almost any writing system developed. Levels, tracks and event names are completely configurable by you, making it easy to take the methods of your favorite writing instructor and build templates from which to develop your story.
Connect to Other Powerful Writing Tools
StoryView is designed to work with Microsoft Word, Dramatica Pro, Dramatica Writer's DreamKit, and Movie Magic Screenwriter. Dramatica users can quickly import a Dramatica story file, making the initial writing, illustrating and weaving of your story a snap! For the screenwriter or playwright, StoryView can take your story text and-with the click of one button-export it to Movie Magic Screenwriter, the most powerful screenplay word processor available. Within seconds your script is automatically paginated according to professional screenplay standards, ready to print and distribute to readers.

Until you start using StoryView, it's difficult to adequately describe just how amazing this new writing tool really is. You'll build and see your story in a way you've never done before -- which will help you craft a story where all the pieces fit together beautifully. A fantastic way to brainstorm, organise, create, structure and outline the story you're trying to tell.

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System Requirements:

CPU 133 MHz or higher (200 MHz recommended)
Win 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP
20 MB Hard Drive
Video Display resolution of 800 x 600 (SVGA) or greater

Naturally -- like everything we do at the SCREENPLAY Development Centre -- we're bringing this incredible tool to you at a fraction of it's retail price. At just $299 download-only (plus GST if applicable), it's a bargain.

When you're serious about your writing, you plan. When a company's serious about getting you writing, they slash the price. We're serious. Don't just get this excellent program. Use it.

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Current version!
(StoryView 2.0)

If you were to ask the guys at Screenplay Systems, Inc. about their latest product, StoryView, they would tell you that "It's a remarkable new visual outliner that lets writers brainstorm, create, structure, and organize their ideas." Usually, I don't buy into the software developers' self-aggrandizing hype; but it turns out they are being modest. For writers, this program rocks!

- Scr(i)pt Magazine
March/April 2001

On the surface, Storyview is an outlining program, but that's where it begins. It is an electronic index card system, and it is a timeline, and it is a brainstorming device, and it is just about the most versatile and creativity enhancing program I have encountered.
- Tom Kane

As the complexity of interactive entertainment grows, StoryView and Dramatica could very easily become a necessary tool for any game designer. Both packages allow the game designer to flesh out detailed game concepts, characters and puzzles at the start of a project...
- Kris Jackson
Game Designer
Heavy Iron Studios

Words of praise from StoryView 2.0 users:

As far as I'm concerned, the addition of the "Outline Mode" has just catapulted StoryView into the stratosphere.

I love StoryView. The Outline mode has boosted an already highflying program right into orbit. The program's flexibility, abundance of modifiable tools, and aesthetic appeal allows my imagination, working methods, and idiosyncrasies to blossom in an environment truly supportive of the creative act. I've developed a method of working that involves just about all of StoryView's tools, and I wonder how I ever structured anything before I had access to StoryView's layout, tracking, and text-manipulation tools.

My compliments to the excellent work you've done on version 2 of StoryView. It's a huge improvement, both in features and in ease of use. I like the fact that it'll now automatically estimate running times for scenes. A very smart and flexible program.

StoryView 2.0, with its Outline view and new tools, has turned my head around. Initial story planning and structuring will always be one of StoryView's great strengths, but now there is more, much more, that can be accomplished with it. Because the complete text of a story can be laid out vertically in Outline view, the enticement to keep imputing text past the planning stage is enormous. And with the Timeline view always available, restructuring of scenes, even late in the writing process, can still be accomplished with ease. I now see myself taking novel length works all the way through to the last draft with StoryView, only transferring the text to a word processor for formatting and the final polish.

One thing I absolutely love is the ability to switch easily from showing Titles Only to Titles and Content to Content Only. I can use Titles Only to work on the story structure then use Content Only to actually write my story.

In general, the outline view promises to be extremely useful. It seems like magic to be able to enter or edit something in the outline and have it show up in the timeline mode -- and vice versa.


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