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Why do we promote Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ over Final Draft®?

Screenwriter™ is quite simply the best dedicated screenwriting program on the market, bar none.

Have a look at how the two stack up head-to-head. We dropped the price in Australia because we believe in it!

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Movie Magic® Screenwriter

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"I've used Movie Magic Go to StoryView Go to Dramatica Screenwriter™ Screenwriter for many years. Nothing is as simple, powerful, intuitive and versatile. And the support is outstanding."

- Paul Haggis
Oscar® winning Writer/Director
(Best Picture & Best Original Screenplay)


(Compare at the Apple Store for $459!)

What it does:
Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ allows you to effortlessly write in standard screenplay format, and comes packed with features that make screenwriting easier, more enjoyable, and more professional. All you need to do is focus on your story.

You'll write faster, better, and ready-for-production. And you'll notice the difference within minutes of opening the box!

This program is the whole reason we started offering software -- because we believe in it so strongly. Simple and intuitive to use, and more powerful than any other screenwriting program on the planet (including Final Draft®).

Try it NOW...

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The Professional's Choice

We've written screeplays using all the various methods (from Microsoft Word to script templates to Final Draft®), and there's only one we could endorse in good conscience.

Hands down, it's the simplest, most powerful, most intuitive screenwriting program available. You'll notice the difference, the minute you open it. It will, quite literally, free your imagination, making screenwriting fun.

Screenwriting is a very specific craft with very specific technical requirements, because a screenplay is not just a story, it's a blueprint for the feature film production process. Not only does Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ make it easy to write, it's the only program that makes your screenplay ready to use.

Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ is the only screenwriting program to be given a perfect score in all six categories in the Writer's Digest Screenwriting Software Review.

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A Quick Look

Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ simplifies the whole screenwriting process, providing you with the most complete range of tools to help you write.

All you need to do is have fun with your story, knowing that when you're done, it's ready use. Here's a quick rundown of some of the features:

Nothing Could Be Easier
Just hit the "Tab" and "Enter" keys to move between different script elements such as Character, Dialogue, Action, etc. That's all you need to know! Since Screenwriter is instantly and automatically handling all the hassles of Industry Standard Formatting, you can focus on writing your story as fast as you can get your thoughts onto the screen!
No Writer is an Island
With iPartner Internet Collaboration, Screenwriter allows you and a partner to collaborate on a script live over the Internet. iPartner lets either one of you watch over your partner's shoulder as they compose and edit, allowing the viewing partner to see all the edits and additions as they are made just as if you were in the same room. Plus, real-time text and voice chat lets you break the distance barrier, without the long distance phone changes!
Your Personal Typing Assistant
Type just a few letters of the desired character name, set, scene, etc., and Screenwriter will enter it instantly. Screenwriter's intelligent interface that can virtually read your mind, and pop up menus with the text items you want, without your even needing to tell it you want them.
Brainstorm and Organize Your Ideas
Do you prefer to work with index cards? Screenwriter's built-in index card system lets you edit your screenplay and rearrange scenes on fully editable index cards-on-screen! As you develop a new story, you'll be able to quickly write desired scenes, sequences, and plot points on blank index cards and easily shuffle the scenes as the plot and story are fleshed out. Screenwriter even reformats and re-numbers your scenes for you!
A Fully-Featured Word Processor
Screenwriter is a full-featured word processor which includes dictionary (110,000+ words), thesaurus (80,000 word links), Real-Time Spell Checking with Auto-Typo Correction for basic letter inversion corrections, and full support of foreign characters. 10 levels of Undo/ Redo assures that none of your changes are ever final!
A Cast of Performers at Your Side
Have a live script reading performed right on your computer with Screenwriter's Text to Speech! Assign different male and female voices to your different characters to hear a whole new perspective on your script.
...Are you an actor who wants to practice your lines? Simply turn off the voice for your character and the program will automatically pause for your dialogue, letting you play along with the program, practicing with cues and all!
A Virtual Proofreader
Screenwriter's SmartCheck scans your entire script looking for and correcting common formatting errors. You'll never again have to reprint your script to fix errors like extra blank lines or characters who you inadvertently left speaking twice in a row. Go to print and it scans the script, instantly zeroing in on the most common typing & editing errors. It points them out to you (optionally even automatically fixing them!) saving you from wasting paper and hours of your time reprinting pages.
Don't Let Your Old Work Go To Waste
Screenwriter can import and export almost any text document (e.g. RTF, MS Word, Word Perfect, ASCII), as well as scripts written with most other screenwriting programs. And since Screenwriter imports using context recognition, imported scripts are much more accurate than with other script writing software programs.
Better Than Post-Its®
Jot down revision notes, casting suggestions, and research questions quicker than you can slap on a Post-it. The new Note Commander feature allows you to quickly organize, access, view and print your script notes. You can hide or show your notes, and print them separately in a report with page-number references.
What's in a Name?
Your characters are unique, and their names should be too. Create countless unique character names from NameBank's huge database of male, female, and last names.
Move Through Your Script with the Click of a Button
Instantly find and jump to any scene in your script with Scene Pilot™. Scene Pilot shows the first few lines from every scene so you can quickly identify the scene you are searching for.
Over 50 Free TV Templates
Movie Magic's new and improved Television Templates are formatted with the correct margins, script styles, act breaks, set lists and character lists for easy 1-key entry, and even include sample text. Get over 50 of the most popular sitcoms, soaps, and episodic dramas!
Protect Your Work
After your script is finished, protect your work quickly and easily by registering it with Screenwriter's online registration feature. (Windows only)
Ready for the World
Ready to show your script to the world? Screenwriter allows you to save your script in web browser (HTML) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formats so anyone with a computer can read your script. You can even publish your script directly to your web site, or to any site on the Web!
Optional Foreign Dictionaries
Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and UK English dictionaries are available.

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And so much more

And those are just some of the writing features!

Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ is the only screenwriting program (sorry Final Draft) that has a complete range of production features as well, from Storyboard linking to built-in script breakdowns to set list generation and production solutions guides, to analysis features like the ability to compare two scripts.

Plus, it's the only one with full export to industry-standard Movie Magic Scheduling -- so your screenplay is ready to use.

Screenwriter™ has standard screenplay format (and EVERY element is customisable, plus the ability to cheat margins, pages, or anything else), several television formats (including free templates from popular television shows), multimedia format, theatre formats, radio format, novel format, and on and on.

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System Requirements:

Pentium 300 MHz or higher (1Ghz recommended)
Windows Vista, XP, or 2000
60 MB Hard Drive space
CD ROM drive
Video card with 8MB or greater recommended for Full Page View

Power PC G3, G4, G5 or Intel Core Duo processor
OS X 10.3.9 or higher; OSX native
25 MB Hard Drive
CD ROM drive

All we'll say is this. If you want to write screenplays, Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ will quickly become your very best friend.

We wouldn't offer it if it wasn't the best. And we simply won't offer anything else. And at just $197 boxed or $177 download-only (plus shipping, and GST if applicable -- and including the UK English Dictionary free!), it truly is a bargain. Fact is, it's worth the full retail price! Try the free demo and see for yourself.

If you only do one thing in the pursuit of your goal of screenwriting, get and use Movie Magic® Screenwriter™.

Once you do, you'll write. It's just that simple.

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We've actually been using Movie Magic Screenwriter once we discovered how much it kicked the ass out of Final Draft.
- Trey Parker
"South Park"

Movie Magic Screenwriter is the gold standard throughout the Hollywood studio system.... Superior program for addressing the challenges of production rewrites. There is no better screenwriting software on the market.
- Ted Elliot & Terry Rosio
Oscar nominated Writers
"Shrek", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Aladdin"

Movie Magic is what the others had promised but failed to deliver: a truly intuitive, unfussy, easy-to-use, dedicated screenwriting program that got the job done. I can't recommend it highly enough.
- Frank Darabont
"The Shawshank Redemption", "The Green Mile", "The Majestic"

The software has made a tremendous difference for me, handling the
constant revisions I love to do with tremendous efficiency. I highly recommend Movie Magic Screenwriter to others who love writing screenplays.
- Francis Coppola
Oscar winning Writer/Director/Prod
"The Godfather"

It’s changed my life. I don’t have to think about anything except the scene I want to create. The program formats for me. Spells for me. And allows me to focus. I’ll be sticking with Screenwriter for the rest of my career.
- Carol Mendelsohn
Writer/Exec Prod

I use Movie Magic for every film, every time!
- James Schamus
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Ride with the Devil", "The Ice Storm"

Movie Magic Screenwriter takes all the pressure away. I love the program, especially the "cheat feature" because it evenly spreads and formats the script effortlessly. 
- Scott Frank
"Minority Report", "Get Shorty", "Little Man Tate", "Out of Sight"

Movie Magic Screenwriter is marvelous! We use it on every script that comes in, and what's even more fantastic is we're able to email scripts out conveniently. We use Screenwriter™ faithfully- it is a key to our success!
- Guy Ritchie
Director/ Writer
"Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels"

Too bad Producers, Directors, and Studios aren't as easy to work with as Movie Magic Screenwriter™.
- Jim Kouf
"Rush Hour", "Stakeout", "Con Air"

Compared to what I was using, discovering Movie Magic Screenwriter was like coming out of a cave and finding everyone else living in houses
- Jeb Stuart
"The Fugitive", "Die Hard", "Another 48 Hours", "Switchback"

It is so intuitive that even the most hopelessly computer-challenged (such as myself) can quickly get back to writing, rather than fumbling with manuals and guidelines.
- Ted Tally
"Silence of the Lambs"

Movie Magic Screenwriter continues to be the platform upon which I build my screenwriting. Fast, flexible and intuitive -- it puts nothing but ease between the writer and the word.
- Wes Craven
"Scream", "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Ready, click, write -- it's that easy with Movie Magic Screenwriter. The software I recommend. The most practical, versatile, and user-friendly software out there.
- David Trottier
The Screenwriters Bible

Because we were desparately understaffed on SWINGERS, the efficiency of being able to import the script from Movie Magic Screenwriter directly into the Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting programs was a lifesaver.
- Doug Liman
"Swingers", "Go"

The technology of Movie Magic Screenwriter was obviously designed by someone who has extensive production experience and understands the creative process of screenwriting.
- Nikolas Korda
Supervising UPM
"The Lord of the Rings"

Every feature script at DreamWorks goes through my hands, and every one of them goes through your program. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
- Christopher Gauntt
Project Coordinator, Story Dept.
DreamWorks SKG


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