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Want to know the fastest way to write like a professional? Use the professional tools of the trade.

We offer the world's best screenwriting software at the world's best prices (with a low-price guarantee!)... for one simple reason: We want you to write.

The fact is, we're not a software company. And we don't intend to become one. Yet we have become the official Australian distributor of these products (and sell them for just above wholesale). Why? Because we believe in them. We know what they'll do for you.

Quite simply, you'll write faster... you'll write better... and your work will look -- and be -- professional.

To learn more about these programs, visit the following links.

Movie Magic® Screenwriter™
The most powerful screenplay formatting software and dedicated screenwriting program available.

Story View™
The remarkable visual outlining tool.

Dramatica® Pro™
The ultimate story creation software.

Writer's DreamKit™
The entry-level version of Dramatica®.

Word Menu™
The revolutionary word reference tool.



Considering a cheap script template CD? Don't be fooled by the price -- it'll cost you more in the long run.

Writing your screenplay in MS Word, using script templates is not only a time-consuming and cumbersome process, the templates and formatting are often wrong!

Use the top-rated dedicated screenwriting software, and you'll notice a world of difference -- and the reader will notice it too.

Try it absolutely free, and see for yourself. Click here for more information. >


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