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Dramatica Pro

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"Dramatica: Indispensable power tools for my imagination... It has added a new, grander dimension to my craft. Go to StoryView Go to Screenwriter 2000 Dramatica Pro These are power tools no storyteller should be without."

- Tracy Hickman
DragonLance (series), Rose of the Prophet (series), Deathgate Cycle (series)

Now also available in Download-Only version!

What it does:
Dramatica is a powerful, step-by-step story creation program that guides you, coaxes you, prods you, and helps you answer questions about your story and put it all together.

It's the ultimate creative writing partner, there to help you build your story from first concept, or simply to explore ideas through during a rewrite. You'll build a solid story with powerful themes, intriguing plots and great characters.

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Dramatica Pro
Story Creation Software
Dramatica Pro Dramatica Pro

This is an incredibly in-depth program, and the only program of its kind anywhere. Incorporating a whole theory of storytelling that works WITH what you may already know, Dramatica Pro is a simply staggering creative storytelling tool. You'll explore your story idea in as much or as little depth as you like -- to create from scratch or to analyse what you've got.

Unlike lesser writing programs, you actually create your story in Dramatica: Answer thought-provoking questions about characters and plot and Dramatica will tell you where and how to strengthen it.

Then write specific examples of how your characters, themes, conflict, tension, goals, plot points, etc will play out in your story's scenes. You'll be guided by Dramatica in complete detail.

Then weave it all together, placing character, plot, theme and story elements directly into Acts, Scenes or Chapters. Your step outline or plot synopsis is complete and ready to be refined.

First time writers... published novelists... produced screenwriters... They all find Dramatica indispensible.

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A Quick Look

Dramatica -- literally -- is your creative writing partner. Use it's power to make your work stronger, or just reach in for inspiration, ideas and help.

Anyone truly serious about any creative writing should take a serious look at Dramatica. Here's a quick rundown of some of the features:

Dramatica Desktop
A collection of 12 clickable tiles that activate the key tools in Dramatica.
There's only one way to write your story -- your way. StoryGuide leads you step-by-step through the ideal path to creating your unique story. Quick Start gives you instant feedback, Advanced guide takes you from beginning to end.
Character Casting
Visualize your characters by casting them from your choice of over 500 icons. Name them from a database of over 5,000 unique names.
Build Characters
Interesting. Deep. Real. Memorable. Dramatica helps you craft characters that leap off the page and into the hearts and minds of your audience. Define the relationships between your characters by assigning thematic elements to character icons. Explore character relationships and see how they help or hinder each other. Decide what's motivating your characters and how they'll express the central themes of your story.
Story Engine
Dramatica's Story Engine takes you to the heart of your story, graphically showing you how the changing of one dramatic element ripples throughout your story and influences its structure. Explore your creative choices here as Dramatica interacts with you, intuitively changing the impact of your story on an audience.
Story Status
Responding to your choices, Dramatica shows you what other character, plot, and themes issues you need to address, and in what order, to come out with a perfectly structured story. As each stage of Story development is completed, Dramatica gives you visual feedback on your progress, staying with your until your story is fully realized.
Tutorial & Help
A complete online Tutorial nurtures you through the story creation process. Dramatica's searchable, indexed Help System provides accessible guidance instantly, while the entire Dramatica Theory Book online provides helpful background.
Theme Browser
In one place, see how all your story's thematic elements interconnect. Zoom in to focus on one area of your story, or zoom out to get a bird's eye view of the big picture.
Plot Progression
Dramatica shows you the linear act structure of your story's 4 throughlines from beginning to middle to end. Each throughline has 4 plot points-signposts indicating how the story will spin from act to act-and 3 acts-your characters' emotional journeys from one plot point to the next.
Scene Creation
Here's where you weave together all the parts of the story you've developed. Determine how elements of character, plot, and theme will be revealed to your audience over time. Illustrate how they'll show up in the story by assigning them to the specific Scenes, Acts, or Chapters that combine to make up your story's outline, treatment, or plot synopsis.
Amazing Export for Screenwriter Users
Users of Movie Magic Screenwriter can import their Dramatica story treatment directly into a formatted script. All character names and descriptions, scene headings, and scene descriptions are formatted automatically-you're up and running on your first draft!
The End Result
Gain deeper insight into your story with Dramatica's detailed reports. Export your story treatment-containing the scene-by-scene narrative plot synopsis (novelists) or treatment (scriptwriters) -into your favorite word processor for further rewriting.

And that's just the start of it. Dramatica is filled with brainstorming ideas, character naming and casting features to help you visualise your characters, and more help, guidance, questions and details than you've probably ever thought of before -- to help you build a story that really works! YOUR story. YOUR way. It's your creative writing partner, and it'll revolutionize your storytelling abilities.

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System Requirements:

Win 95/98/ME/2k/NT/XP
20 MB Hard Drive

Power PC or higher
8.5+; OS X compatible (in Classic Mode)
20 MB Hard Drive

Naturally -- like everything we do at the SCREENPLAY Development Centre -- we're bringing this incredible tool to you at a fraction of it's retail price. At just $297 (plus shipping, and GST if applicable), it's a bargain.

Whether you're a screenwriter, a novelist, or a first-time writer, Dramatica will become your indispensible writing partner. Make your story work! Don't submit a half-developed screenplay. Submit one that affects the reader. Let Dramatica help you do it. Order now!

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Current version!
(Dramatica 4.0)

The story for "Copy Shop" was in my head for 10 years. Dramatica is with me for 5 years - long enough to burn the 12 essential questions into my subconsciousness. The 12 minute film won 25 international awards and an Oscar-nomination.

- Virgil Widrich
2001 Oscar Nominee
Best Short Film: "Copy Shop"

Dramatica is a dream come true for any writer who thinks in cinematic terms, and it makes a wonderful creative companion. You cannot take your brain off it!!!
- Euzhan Palcy
"A Dry White Season", "Sugar Cane Alley", "Cesar"

Dramatica is the most effective tool in the market place today for writers on every level.
- Bill Duke
"The Limey", "Payback", "Hoodlum", "Sister Act II"

Dramatica Pro is a story development tool I am pleased to recommend to other writers. It can either develop a story with minimal feedback from the writer or significantly enhance an existing idea by fanning writer passion to an unexpected level. This has allowed my story development process to shift in several truly systemic ways.
- David O'Neal
Fool Me Twice, What Goes Around, The Pact with Bruno, Choosing to Kill

I had my pitch meeting with a producer... Everything he wanted to know I'd been forced to game out with my ol' friend Dramatica... the program will make your job as a writer not only easier, but more fun. By the way, I got the deal.
- David Obst
Wired Magazine; Author Too Good to Be Forgotten: Changing America in the 60s and 70s

Dramatica is an essential tool for developing a story's structure. I used it extensively to develop a screenplay that was awarded first place in the SlamDance Screenwriting Competition.
- Carl Weaver
1st Place Winner
SlamDance Competition

Having writer's block or even paradoxically too many ideas can prevent you from getting that great concept or pitch off the ground. That's where Dramatica comes into play. It's not only the ultimate objective brainstorming partner but it guides you through the in-depth- process of character, plot and theme development without which there can be no good screenplay. There is a lot of painstaking 'homework' in the development process but Dramatica actually draws you into it almost effortlessly. It makes the next step-the screenwriting process-virtually devoid of the dreaded writer's block. In one case Dramatica has provided an angle and idea for the storyline that no one thought about. It made the story better; it was actually brilliant and it was free! Now that's a novel concept in this town!
- Jean-Philippe Girod
Windhorse Entertainment

Dramatica Pro is a great way to start out and organize a story. By using the desktop files to create and develop a character, you save paper and time. The brainstorming tools are also very useful in lending a helping hand to story development. Dramatica Pro is a great way to organize a story for script development purposes.
- Robin Cowie
"The Blair Witch Project"

Dramatica can take any idea, flush it out, and transform it into a working treatment. Once you're done running your ideas through Dramatica Pro, writing the script is a piece of cake!
- Nicole Dow
New Kat Studios


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