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Submission Procedure
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Submission Procedure

We have very specific submission guidelines and procedures, so please read this entire page carefully before submitting your screenplay.

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What We Accept

We currently accept completed feature-length screenplays only (unless submitting a short film for Evaluation). Screenplays may be for projects of any budget level, set anywhere, and in any genre or style. Please indicate what you intend for your project when submitting. Writers can be based anywhere, and are not limited to Australian writers.

However, all submissions must be made hardcopy (on either A4 or US Letter sized paper) in the international standard screenplay format. This means Courier 12 point font ONLY, with margins of no less than one inch. Do not cheat margins or submit in any other font or format or your work will NOT be Covered. Any script which must be returned for improper formatting will incur a $55 administration fee, so please get this right!

If you're not using dedicated professional screenwriting software (such as Movie Magic Screenwriter), use the script sample as a reference and set all margins and tabs accordingly.

We do NOT accept emailed screenplay submissions under any circumstances. Email attachments are automatically deleted.

Also note: Due to the legal ramifications of accepting submissions for works carrying intellectual property rights, you must include the release form (found on the next page) with your submission.  If you do not include the release form, your script will be returned un-opened and un-read. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule, as it is simply a legal formality.

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Some Helpful Hints

To save us all some time and money, here are a few general hints for a professional screenplay submission. Please read them before sending your screenplay.

Do NOT email anything -- including synopses.
Spending hours upon hours reading a screenplay on a computer screen is known to cause the loss of perfectly good eyesight. Your screenplay should be available in an electronic version, but we will ONLY accept hardcopy submissions. Our submission procedure is very clearly defined. Please respect it.

Make sure it's formatted properly.
Feature film screenplays have specific formatting standards.  It's not that a good story can't be written by hand or formatted differently on the page.  It's simply a matter of professionalism.  If it's a struggle to read the script, production companies won't take the time to struggle.  Screenwriting is a specific craft.  If you master the craft, you'll certainly have mastered the formatting. (And please note that we require submissions in the international standard format -- your screenplay must be internationally competitive. In other words, Courier 12pt font, un-numbered scene, proper margins and spacing, etc.) If you need to see a sample script, click here.

Include return postage.
If you would like your screenplay returned with your coverage, always include a self-addressed envelope with correct postage affixed.  If you do not include return postage, your screenplay will either be kept on file, or discarded, at our discretion.  Note also that we will not be held liable for lost, damaged or misplaced screenplays.  Send a copy -- keep your original.  We will not be obligated to return the screenplay, regardless of condition.

Do NOT call us regarding your submission.
Our service will generally be provided within 2 - 4 weeks of your submission, depending on our current workload. If you have not received your Coverage within 6 weeks, please query via email. Note also: We cannot discuss your Coverage under any circumstances. All work is final.

Don't add unnecessary stuff.
We want to read a screenplay, not look at pictures.  The production crew creates the pictures.  Create your pictures with your words.  Please do not include front-cover graphics or photos with your script. Send only the screenplay.

Let the story speak for itself.
You can include a one-page synopsis, to give us an overview of the story.  But don't bind it with the script.  Keep it separate, and make sure it's no more than one-page long.  Also, please do not submit cast breakdowns, actor recommendations, shot lists or production information. Include a cover letter with any pertinent details such as cast/crew attachments or relevant industry interest.

We prefer only the following inclusions:

  • Standard 90 - 120 page screenplay (properly formatted in Courier 12 point font), with title page.
  • Bound with fastners or loose-leaf -- no spiral or perfect binding
  • Cover letter indicating intentions
  • Signed release form (see next page)

And that's all! Do not include any extras, or they they will be ignored. This is a professional screenplay Coverage service, remember.

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