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Short Film

The short film assessment service has been discontinued.

Thinking of making in a short film?

You'd be crazy to spend a cent without first running your script by our short film expert.

With the addition of a four-time AWGie-winning short film writer, we're pleased to offer Short Film script Evaluations.

Our Short Script Evaluation is a detailed 2 - 5 page analysis of your short script -- plus hand-written in-script notes -- performed by an award-winning short film scriptwriter.

Whether you're planning to spend $500 making your short, or $500,000, the small cost of getting a professional evaluation is well worth it.

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Electronic Submission Discount

For users of the Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000 software, you can now submit your short film script (up to 10 pages) electronically -- for only $99 (GST inclusive). Notes will be placed directly into the file itself, using the Script Notes feature.

Hardcopy submissions are only $121 (GST inclusive)

All scripts must be written in the international standard format -- Courier 12pt font, un-numbered scene, proper margins and spacing, etc.) If you need to see a sample script, click here.

All submissions must complete the screenplay submission form, and must include our standard release form.

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Additional Pricing

For scripts between 10 - 20 pages, costs are $143 (electronic, in Screenwriter 2000 format) or $165 (hardcopy).

For scripts between 20 - 30 pages, costs are $198 (electronic, in Screenwriter 2000 format) or $220 (hardcopy).

Scripts over 30 pages must be submitted hardcopy under the standard Screenplay Evaluation service.

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