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The script submission service is currently on hold. If you are interested in having your screenplay evaluated/asssessed, please contact us to discuss availability.

We now have two distinct forms of screenplay submissions. Which one is right for you?

  • Get Coverage/SNS™ when you're ready to have your screenplay seriously considered for purchase by legitimate buying production companies.
  • Get Evaluations when you want in-depth, thorough, and professional feedback on your work, to help you spot and fix problems, and launch you into your next re-write.


SNS™ -- A New Concept

The Screenplay Notification Service™ (SNS™) is Australia's bridge between the screenwriter and the production company.

First, you submit your screenplay for Coverage. All submissions are then reviewed by our experienced, professional story analysts who "cover" your screenplay based upon rigorous industry-standard quality criteria.

Unlike those free, internet-based "spec script market" lists, our service is designed to be an industry-based quality control.

When your submission is reviewed, it will be placed into one of three categories -- "Pass", "Consider", or "Recommend".

If your screenplay receives a "Consider" or "Recommend" nod, your project will be included in our monthly SNS™ -- the Screenplay Notification Service™ -- which goes out to dozens of production companies in Australia and overseas.

(We do not forward the screenplay itself. We act as a filtration service to the production companies, and ask them to contact you or your agent directly.)

If you get a "Pass" suggestion, your screenplay will not be included in the SNS™. Rather, your screenplay will be returned to you with the Coverage. This way, you see exactly how your work is being perceived, without damaging any chance of future consideration.


Everyone Saves Time and Money

Our Coverage/SNS™ service has been designed to save everyone time and money, whilst providing specific benefits to both the writer and the production company.

Benefits to the production company:

  • Save thousands of dollars in reader costs (and put that money into development)
  • Save hundreds of hours of reading time
  • Discover writers you might never have encountered
  • Keep up-to-date with the best emerging writers
  • Avoid having your time wasted by the 95% of screenplays that get a "Pass"
  • Outsource and streamline all or part of the acquisition and development process
  • ...and all of this is absolutely free.

Benefits to the screenwriter:

  • Submit to many producers at once
  • Save the cost of multiple submissions (printing and postage)
  • Potentially reach production companies that have "no unsolicited material" policies
  • You see your Coverage, regardless of the assessment
  • If you get a "Pass", no one knows -- you're in a position to improve and resubmit without any blacklisting
  • Inclusion on the SNS™ puts you in a leveraged position, by generating an immediate "buzz" about your project
  • Reach the production companies in one hit
  • See what the real-world response to your work is, and use that to improve your screenwriting
  • ...and all at a reasonable price that ensures the best professional look at your work.


Click the following for more information, or to submit now:

A simple explanation of what Coverage is, why it's needed, and how our system works.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our Coverage/SNS™ service

For the writer who wants more detailed feedback on his or her work, we offer an in-depth Evaluation service.

Sumit Now
When you understand the service and you're ready to use it, just follow our simple three-step submission procedure.

Good luck, we look forward to reading your work, and hope to see your screenplay on next month's SNS™!



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