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The following producers and production companies have signed on to receive the SNS™ bulletin:

Baby Lemonade
Beyond Films
Jan Bladier
John Brousek
Chris Brown
Evan Clarry
Fandango Australia
David Hannay
John Hipwell
Instinct Ent
JDL Films
Mark Lazarus
Helen Leake
David Less
Leading Light Ent
Sue Murray
Nigel Odell
Pictures in Paradise
Vitascope Ent

...among many others. If you're a producer or production company that wants to be kept in the loop, email us today to sign up. (We will require verification that you are a legitimate and active production company.)

If you're a writer who's written a screenplay, get your script Coverage today!



The Coverage service is currently on hold. If you are interested in having your screenplay evaluated/asssessed, please contact us to discuss availability.


Welcome to the script Coverage/Screenplay Notification Service™. Here, we'll explain exactly what Coverage is, why it's so important, and how our service works.

It's all pretty straightforward, and you should have a grasp of it within minutes. If you have any questions afterwards, visit the FAQ page. Or if you're ready to submit now, click here.

(Please note: Coverage is NOT a one-page service, as other companies seem to imply. Professional script coverage is a detailed, 2-5 page document designed for producers and production companies -- to assess and encapsulate the merits of the script at hand. It says, in essence, "here's what the script is in a nutshell", and it's not usually seen by the writer.)


Coverage -- The Quick Overview

Producers and production companies need screenplays. It's what they do. Without a strong, commercially-viable screenplay, they've got nothing to produce.

It's necessary, therefore, to read through an endless array of screenplays submitted for consideration, in search of something worthwhile. In search of the one great script. In search of the next project or the up-and-coming writer. It's something they simply must do.

But there are a few problems.

First problem: It takes about 2 hours to properly read and consider a feature-length screenplay. As soon as the producer has more than 5 screenplays on their desk, they're behind in their reading.

So they hire readers.

These readers will read the screenplay and provide "Coverage" -- a 2 - 5 page document that includes such information as title, genre, circa, logline, synopsis, marketability and the reader's assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the screenplay.

The Coverage concludes with either a "Pass", "Consider" or "Recommend" suggestion from the reader in two distinct areas: Writer and Script. (For example, the script might get a "Pass", but the writer could receive a "Recommend".)

The producers then use the Coverage as a sort of shorthand. They get the essence of the project in a fraction of the time. If (for any reason) the Coverage looks like something worth reading, only then will the producer or development executive consider reading the script.

So far so good... except...

The majority of screenplays and writers receive a "Pass" from the reader. They're rejected for a number of reasons, sometimes because they don't fall into a particular category or budget range (or, more simply, they're just not what the producer or production company wants). But usually it's because the screenplay is underdeveloped, or the writing is just not very good.

Which is the second problem: It's a costly burden in time and money assessing material in which they're unlikely to be interested.

All development costs money. Unfortunately, there is no way to recoup development costs, until the production company has a hit film. This means the production company is always battling scarce resources and the bottom line.

So the production companies are in a constant position of needing to search through and find solid material, but having no way to recoup the costs of conducting the search.

All that work...

This leads, naturally, to doing shorthand on the shorthand -- avoiding writers that are unknown or untested, or simply letting the scripts sit on a shelf unread.

The third problem is the most tragic of them all: Rejected writers, under normal circumstances, are not given access to the Coverage -- so they don't know what they've done right or wrong.

And since producers and production companies must rationalise time and money spent on assessments, they're unlikely to accept further material from a writer rejected for submitting work considered "below par".

Which means the writer, who has spent considerable time and energy on a project, may not only get his worked passed on, they might also unknowingly end up ruining their chances of re-submitting to the same company. All without ever being told.

And all because there's not enough time to properly read and consider the writer's screenplay. And it's important to understand that it will always be this way. It's the economics of time, and a reality of our industry.


Enter SNS™ -- the Screenplay Notification Service™

We've come up with a solution. A completely different approach.

The Screenplay Notification Service™ (SNS™) is designed to alleviate the burden for production companies/producers, whilst assisting and protecting the writer.

By passing the Coverage cost to the writer, we free up hundreds of thousands of lost development dollars for the production companies. At the same time, we save the writer enormous amounts of money otherwise wasted through multiple submissions, while simultaneously extending their reach.

How it Works

We receive screenplays via two methods -- either the writer submits it to us in the first instance, or the writer is referred to us by a production company/producer that receives the SNS™ bulletin.

The Coverage is prepared by one of our qualified analysts or, if required, by a reader nominated by the production company/producer.

If a script or writer receives a "Consider" or "Recommended", the script and/or writer is included on our Screenplay Notification Service™ -- an as-needed bulletin sent to producers and production companies in Australia and overseas. The information provided in the SNS™ includes title, genre and logline.

If a production company/producer is interested in a script or writer, a copy of the coverage will be provided upon request. If they wish to look at the script or meet the writer, the production company/producer takes it from there.

On the other hand, if the script and/or writer is a "Pass" (i.e. not of a high enough standard), the writer gets their Coverage back (which may include suggestions as to how to improve the material), and avoids any possibility of blacklisting.

Either way, it's a valuable service for both the writer AND the producer. And that's why we think of it as the bridge between Australian writers and production companies.

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If you're a producer or production company, and would like to receive the SNS™ service, please click here to sign up.



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