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The following producers and production companies have signed on to receive the SNS™ bulletin:

Baby Lemonade
Beyond Films
Jan Bladier
John Brousek
Chris Brown
Evan Clarry
Fandango Australia
David Hannay
John Hipwell
Instinct Ent
JDL Films
Mark Lazarus
Helen Leake
David Less
Leading Light Ent
Sue Murray
Nigel Odell
Pictures in Paradise
Vitascope Ent

...among many others. If you're a producer or production company that wants to be kept in the loop, email us today to sign up.

(We will require verification that you are a legitimate and active production company.)



As of 19 April 2006, we have discontinued the Coverage/SNS™ service AND the Evaluation service. For more information, see the April 2006 newsletter. If we can generate sufficient interest in this service, we will resume again in 2007/2008. This page is being kept online for your information.

When 98% of all screenplays fail to meet your needs... when the overwhelming majority of them are nowhere near ready... the cost of the search can be downright enormous.

In fact, you could easily spend a hundred thousand dollars next year alone on reader services.

And as the number of screenplays being written increases, the cost of reader services will only grow.

Wouldn't you rather spend that money on development? Or on optioning quality material?


A better way

We're building Australia's central screenplay submission centre to ease your burden and save the screenwriter the cost of multiple submissions. It's a system that appreciates the limited resources of our industry.

Let's face it... there's no need for ten production companies to pay for ten separate Coverages of the same script!

Join the growing list of production companies that accept unsolicited screenplays -- if they're sent through!


Introducing the
Screenplay Notification Service™ (SNS™)

Here's how it works: The writer submits their screenplay to us for Coverage.

Our experienced, qualified staff of reader/story analysts generate industry-standard Coverage of 2 to 5 pages.

Each script gets one of three suggestions -- "Pass", "Consider" or "Recommend".

When we find a screenplay (or writer) that get a "Consider" or "Recommend" suggestion, we immediately send out an SNS™ bulletin.

The SNS™ bulletin is sent to you via email or fax.

It contains the basic information (writer, genre, circa, logline) of ONLY the screenplays that get a "Consider" or "Recommend". If any of them interest you, upon request we provide the writer's details and a copy of the Coverage.

And here's the kicker -- it doesn't cost you a cent!

(We're not an agency, so you get completely unbiased Coverage reports. We make no commission from any script sales.)


Ready for more?

We'll pay for your reader!

If an unsolicited script comes in from an untested writer, simply have the writer submit it to us for Coverage, referred by you. We'll get the reader you designate to cover it.

See, we're not trying to replace whatever internal assessment system you currently have in place. We're simply here to handle the overflow, the "question marks" -- the writers or material you don't know or don't want to spend time and money on.

If you're wondering what the catch is, well, there is no catch. In return for the SNS™, all we ask of producers is for you to support the system -- allow us to include you on our subscriber list and refer any unknown or unsolicited writers to our service.

By saving you money on reader costs, you'll have more money for optioning and developing material.


Our Readers

The success of this system is entirely dependent upon the quality of our readers. That's why we've got the best, including longtime readers for Fox-Icon, the AWG, the NSWFTO, the SAFC, the AFC and many others.

Our readers know exactly what you're looking for, and are often quite successful writers in their own right. All have a thorough understanding of the elements that make up a screenplay that's worthy of your read -- and won't recommend a screenplay that would waste your time!

(And, in case you're wondering, readers are not allowed to cover material they're familiar with or writers they know personally.)

Plus, we're looking to expand and are happy to take on board qualified readers recommended by our SNS™ subscribers.


You'd be Crazy not to...

A number of producers, production companies and distributors have already come on board; as one producer put it, "I'd be crazy not to".

So, if you'd like to be a part of SNS™ and keep abreast of what's being written, please contact Jeff on

With your support, we envision a growing, dynamic film community, where screenwriting matters!

Because let's face it... no one works until the writer writes a solid, marketable screenplay.


For more information on the Screenplay Notification Service™, our readers, or our services -- or to sign up for the monthly SNS™ bulletin -- contact Jeff at



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