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I think it is very hard for a novice writer, particularly one with very little (almost no) experience of the film industry, to write a film
script without a mentor/script editor.

My mentor 's approach has been ideal for me. Faced with what must have been a huge task of making something of my initial script, his approach has been to pose questions. And not all the questions at once, but one at a time, so that the shaping could cut deeper each time. Gradually I have gained a clearer understanding of my script and of what I want to be in
the film.

I have enormously enjoyed working with him. His insights are often profound, very encouraging, and delivered with a respect for my task and contribution.

The great benefit for me is that there is a greater direction in my work - I have to show him what I have done - and there is a sense that I am growing in my facility with the craft of film writing all the time.

I am tremendously impressed with him. Not only his obvious skill and experience in the area (and in the wider area of understanding people and emotions) but also his commitment to my project.

I think I am tremendously fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him in this role, and I'm really grateful you arranged for me to have him as my mentor.

- Brian Walters SC
Melbourne VIC


Script Editor
and Personal Mentor


To Shannon Slater for becoming a FINALIST for the 2005 Nicholl Fellowship. Shannon used our Script Editor services on her winning screenplay, MASTERPIECE. Shannon is the first non-American to become a finalist in that competition, and we are tremendously proud of her accomplishment.

The Nicholl Fellowship is the international screenwriting community's most prestigious competition, run by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization behind the Academy Awards.

Now available ONLINE -- Work with a mentor from your own home.

After a break, we have resumed the Script Editor/Mentor services, and now conduct the entire service online. Simply send in an electronic version of your script, and we can get started.

Imagine having a professional writer, a professional script assessor, a teacher, a coach and guide -- devoted to YOU and YOUR scirpt. Helping you get the most out of your writing, and pushing you to be your best... even when you might not want to be!

The Script Edit

Our Script Edit service gives you professional feedback, help and guidance. You'll work with an experienced Script Editor to take your work to the next draft. Your Script Editor will go through your script and make extensive notes and detailed ideas and suggestions.

You'll get a detailed 10-15 page written assessment of your script, in-script notes, a step-by-step plan for the draft, and a two-hour telephone discussion to make sure you understand everything AND to answer any questions you might have. We'll discuss your script's strengths and weaknesses, and determine exactly how to get it where YOU want it to go.

All Australian funding bodies suggest (and frequently require) writers to work with Script Editors, and after you've experienced the process, you'll understand why.

Please note: Your Script Editor's job is not to write for you, or to steer you where THEY want to go. Their job is to work with you to achieve your own objectives, and to get you to the next draft.

The Personal Mentor

This service is a unqiue one-to-one ongoing help and mentorship program linking you with a professional screenwriting mentor. Your Mentor will be a professional as closely suited to your style and objectives as possible.


You and your Mentor will have weekly contact, and depending upon your unique needs, challenges and abilities, your Mentor will give you assignments, page counts, or deadlines to achieve, to ensure that you continue to write, and to ensure that your writing improves!

You'll be free to contact your Mentor directly, and ask whatever questions you need to ask, and to get specific help on your script. You'll need to check in with your Mentor at least once a week. They'll see to it that you continue forward on your screenplay, or give you the help you need if you get stuck along the way.

You get up to 10 hours of direct contact per month (or more, at the Mentor's discretion, pending their availability) -- which includes either telephone calls, email, or live internet chat -- and your mentor will be available to read your script and changes as you go, on a bi-weekly basis.

Start with an Edit, and then grab a Mentor!

The Personal Mentor starts with a Script Edit. From there, your mentor will take you where you need to go. If you're not yet convinced of the value of a Mentorship, try starting with a Script Edit. Which is best for you?

  • Go with a Script Edit if you're unsure, or if you think that's all you want. To "upgrade" to the Mentor service, you'll have to sign up at the complete Mentorship price... but if you don't need the Mentorship, it's a more cost-effective approach.

  • Go with Script Mentor if you know you want help through the next draft of your script, and you don't want the help and feedback to end after the Script Edit. The Mentorship lasts for six months, and gives you regular, ongoing interaction with your script editor, even DURING the writing of the next draft!

Important Notes

It's important to note this, however: Your Mentor will not be writing your script. They'll be there to act as your Mentor, and to help you achieve what YOU want your story to be. They will offer help and suggestions, guidance and opinions, but they are not going to write the script for you.

Also, your Script Edit is not a Mentorship. The Edit is designed to show you exactly what you have, and provide suggestions about where to go. The Script Editor is not there to hold your hand.

You'll get the most value out of these services if you begin with an early-draft screenplay. For example, a First Draft (no matter how quickly you've put it together) is better than coming in empty. If you need help getting the First Draft, however, a Mentor can help guide you through even your very first screenplay.

It's also important to note that we do not and cannot guarantee that after using these services, you'll sell your script. In fact, anyone that guaranteed such a thing would have no idea what they're on about. NO ONE can make that kind of guarantee.

Screenwriting is a craft, and this service is designed to speed up your mastery of the craft, by getting personalised mentoring from a professional. If you want to get better at the craft, that's what this service is about.

The Cost

When you respect the fact that talented professional writers are valuable individuals... when you acknowledge just how powerful their help and feedback is, you'll agree that they need to be compensated for their time. We have therefore set the costs at:

Script Edit -- $895 (plus GST)
Six months -- $5495 (plus GST)

To sign up for a Script Edit, or the Personal Mentor service, or discuss your options and obligations further, please contact us at today!

Or visit the online store to purchase place your order today!


+ Script Edit
+ Designed to get you to the next draft
+ Detailed notes and step-by-step rewrite path
+ Phone consultation to make sure you're clear
+ Give you direction to make your own way forward
+ Achieve YOUR objectives
+ Personal Mentor
+ Up to 10 hours direct contact a month
+ Help and feedback when you need it -- from a professional
+ Ongoing script notes via email and telephone
+ Weekly contact
+ Ongoing encouragement
+ Regular deadlines to beat procrastination
+ Powerful networking opportunity


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