April 2006 (Q2)
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Note from Jeff


When an opportunity arises to do what you love, be sure you have the objectivity to recognize it, the skills to reach it, the perseverence to complete it, and enough bravery to step onto the path whose conclusion is unknown. Life will give you everything you ever want. All it asks in return is a little show of bravery.


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URGENT: SDC in Hibernation!


ProSeries:DownUnder™ Starts July 8th!

3. A Note from Jeff

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1.) URGENT: SDC in Hibernation!
NOTE: Software and Product Sales Continue as Normal

The big news this month is that the Screenplay Development Centre is going into hibernation.

After 4 years of the SDC, and 6 years of Embryo Films' workshops, we face an irresistable opportunity: An amazing feature film project in New Zealand.

So, after careful deliberation, Jeff has decided to put the SDC concept on the back burner. Despite a seemingly neverending stream of goodwill and enthusiastic encouragement from Austarlian screenwriters, the SDC has struggled over the years to build its vision, and it's time to try a new approach: Leading by example.

To this end, we have discontinued several services and put several upcoming projects (some of which were in an advanced stage of development) on hold.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause to our extremely valued customers, and as writers and storytellers yourselves, we hope you can appreciate our decision, and hope will continue to write anyway! If anything, we need you to write now more than ever. Australia and New Zealand still (and will always) need marketable screenplays!


Services affected are:

The Screenplay Factory
The FAST Screenwriting home-study DVD

Script editing services
Script mentorship services
The Coverage service
The Evaluation service
The First Draft Workshop
The ScriptCOACH

We will, however, continuing to offer some existing products, and will maintain the website for the foreseeable future.




If you're new to the Screenplay Development Centre and Embryo Films, this may seem like a surprising twist. But if you've been following along from the beginning, you'll probably see this as the most logical next step.

We remain 100% committed to our customers, and will continue to build this vision we began all those years ago. Think of this not as an end, but as a new direction.

In the meantime, please continue to write. And let us know if you have any questions.


2.) ProSeries:DownUnder™ Starts July 8th!

If you missed the ProSeries:Australia™ online workshops, you're in luck. Thanks to the phenomenal feedback from participants of the first one, we've decided to run another course, starting on July 8th, 2006. But this time, it's been renamed, to be more inclusive of our kiwi friends!

In case you haven't heard about it, the ProSeries is a revolutionary screenwriting course designed and run by Hal Croasmun, an independent producer in Hollywood. What makes this course so powerfully effective is Hal's expertise in creating "Expert Models".

A Note from Jeff

Well, here we are. A crossroads.

I don't know about you, but I've stood at several crossroads in my life -- one of which was when I first left L.A. to move to Australia.
It was a huge decision, and in many ways, over the past few
weeks, I've felt like my recent decision
weighed equally as much.

I've been offered a project in New
Zealand. Specifically, to co-write,
direct, and co-produce (with a friend
who has an amazing creative energy)
an independent feature film.

Initially, I declined the offer, thinking
that with all we had planned in Sydney
this year, my odds would be better
doing it here.

But then something happened. The idea
changed. We came up with a concept
I've become so excited about, I can't
think of anything else.

When I first launched Embryo Films, it
was to be a production company. When
I couldn't find screenplays, I began
teaching screenwriting, and Embryo Films
became a company that helped people
write screenplays.

It was always meant to be a stop-gap
measure; never the end result. I see
how vital screenplay education and
development is for this country, and I
continue to believe the SDC is an
enormously important concept. But my
heart and soul are in production. So I
could never be happy with just this.

Running Embryo Films and the SDC
have been very rewarding on one hand.
I've spoken with over 1,000 students in
8 cities in 4 countries. I've watched
customers and students write award-
winning scripts, optioned scripts, and
even scripts that got produced. I've
taken great pride in presenting what I
consider to be the very best
screenwriting tools and education in
Australasia. And I get a very special
sense of satisfaction when I see an
aspiring screenwriter take a major
step forward.

But now it's time for me to get back
to what I love most: filmmaking.
Writing, directing, producing.

I genuinely hope you will continue
writing, as I fully expect this new
direction to be the element the SDC
was missing all along. I expect to
revisit this concept in the years to
come, and I look forward to meeting
you then.

Until next time... keep on writing!


Jeff Bollow
Embryo Films and the
SCREENPLAY Development Centre

His courses are more powerful, more effective, and more immediately useful than ANY screenwriting material I've ever seen before, and that includes McKee, Truby, Syd Field, UCLA, Segar, and even my own stuff!

In fact, I believe so strongly that you will emerge with the skills to become a professional writer, that I've kept it as the ONLY continuing course we offer, as I turn my attention to production.

In short, if you're serious about screenwriting, you need to do this six-month ONLINE workshop.

There's even a payment plan AND a $100-plus-your-money-back guarantee. If you don't think you've improved by 100% (and you're the judge!), I'll refund your money and give you $100.

Honestly, do this course if you're ready to go pro. It's simple, it's powerful, it's encouraging, and it's chock full of hundreds of immediately usable techniques you're going to LOVE. A complete outline of exactly what you'll learn is on the website. And there's even an Early-bird discount if you enrol by May 31st .

So don't delay! Get serious about your writing and enrol now. I genuinely hope you can join us!

Click here for more details,
Click here for a complete course breakdown,
or click here to enrol.


(And, for the record, I was a participant in the ProSeries before I convinced Hal to bring it here -- and I consider it to be worth many times more than its price. If you haven't met me, you might not know it, but when I say it's the best course I've ever seen, I assure you, that's a pretty powerful testimonial. Participate in the ProSeries:DownUnder.
I 100% promise you will be so glad you did.)


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