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The Screenplay Factory™

As of January 2012, the Screenplay Factory concept is on hold, due to production commitments overseas. We are currently in discussions with potential co-production partners, and aim to launch the Screenplay Factory in the near future.



Here's how it works: We push a group of writers through a development process that uses the very best screenwriting education and guidance on the planet.

Each writer -- either individually, or in teams of two or more -- write a low-budget, high-concept screenplay over a four-month period.

At the end of the four months, we select 1 - 5 projects for two months of advanced development. When advanced development is complete, we select one (or more) of the projects for production.


This is a real, working, script development process. No delays. No excuses. No half-arsed commitment.


The program

Embryo Films is currently developing an innovative ongoing production program unlike anything seen before or offered anywhere else on Earth.

Learn screenwriting in a real working environment. You write it, we shoot it, we put it out there in the real world. How's that for "throwing you in the deep end"?

This program is largely confidential, and open only to writers who have demonstrated a serious, ongoing commitment to their writing.

Some considerations:

  • The Screenplay Factory will be built around the 7-phase FAST Screenplay approach to writing.
  • The trial will only be available in Sydney.
  • There will be extremely limited seating (we currently estimate 20-30 spaces for the year)
  • You'll be asked to commit for 6-months (time requirement: 2 - 3 three-hour meetings each week, with writing assignments to be done individually or in teams of two or more, between meetings)
  • You'll need to embrace a commercial-filmmaking focus (the Factory project is aimed at generating mainstream entertainment at this time)
  • You'll be part of a team, so you must work well with others
  • Writers of projects that go into production will be paid for their work.
  • All work generated within the Screenplay Factory will remain the property of the writer, but Embryo Films shall have first right of refusal on everything generated within the program, and will be entitled to a 10% commission if it is sold elsewhere, as a means of sustaining and covering the costs of the program.

Dates for various trial groups are to be determined, and suitably interested and qualified people will be notified by email to coordinate upcoming dates.

If you want to be a part of it (or just learn more as it becomes known), fill out the form below:

THIS FORM IS NO LONGER LIVE ("Thanks, spambots!") and will not go through if you complete it. We've left it here for reference purposes only.

NOTE: The Screenplay Factory will be incorporated into a future version of FAST Screenplay.


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