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Articles by Jeff Bollow:
- Love the Logline
- Five Aussie Paths
- Compelling Loglines

Free Ebooks:
- The Missing Ingredient
- The Screenwriting Roadmap

Available Only through FAST:
- How to Guarantee Completion

Past Newsletter Tips:
- Write Garbage
- Promises
- Motion Pictures
- Low-Budget HC
- All Drama
- First Impressions



Free Articles

This space has been reserved for free screenwriting articles, to help you get started, and to encourage you along the way.

I had hoped to have it significantly more developed by now, but with several projects in production, my time has been consumed elsewhere.

Articles by Jeff Bollow
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- Why You Should Learn to Love the Logline
- The Five Paths for Australian Screenwriters
- How to Create a Compelling Logline

Free Ebooks by Jeff Bollow

- The Missing Ingredient: Why 99% of All Screenplays Fail, and How to Put Yours in the Top 1%

- The Secret Skill of the (Truly) Professional Screenwriter

- FAST Screenplay: The Screenwriting Roadmap

Available Only through the FAST Screenplay website:

- How to GUARANTEE Completion of a Production-Ready Screenplay

Past Newsletter Tips
Here's a selection of quick tips that have been offered over the years through the newsletter

- Allow Yourself to Write Garbage
- Be Careful What You Promise
- Motion Pictures
- Low-Budget High Concept
- All Drama is Conflict
- First Impressions

Let's get this area built up. I'll write more as time permits, but don't hesitate to ask about anything screenwriting-related.

Visit soon and often!

Jeff Bollow, founder of, is an award-winning filmmaker, acclaimed screenwriting teacher, creator of FAST Screenplay, co-founder of New Zealand's Big Mountain Short Film Festival, and author of two best-selling books.







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